This keeps the engine warm during the cold weather


Keep your vehicles tyre pressure as suggested by the manufacturer. It plays a vital role to keep the temperature of an engine neutral in winters. It is always suggested to use a mixture of coolant and water during the season.5 Fuel: Filling the fuel tank to its brim prevents any accumulated of water particles freezing inside the fuel pump. However, the holiday season is yet to end, with people planning road trips to witness snow-capped mountains and picturesque valleys. In order to keep your vehicle healthy and sound this winter, here are few tips by Col.3 Coolant: Coolant acts as an asset to your car during the chilly season. Katoch, Director, CarXpert - a multi brand car service provider China automotive interior and exterior molds - to prevent any damages caused by the changing weather:1 Battery: Battery is the essential component of a car that requires utmost care during the cold season.

Tyres: It is important to keep check on the tyre pressure. S. Besides this, one should also check the other lightning system such as indicators, parking light, tail lamps, etc. This keeps the engine warm during the cold weather.New Delhi: Winters have well set in, with breezy air and decreasing temperatures. During winters, the tyre pressure reduces and driving with low pressure results in premature wear and tear. It is also advised to get your cars battery checked to know if it is merely discharged or needs to be replaced.6 Paint: In order to prevent fading of car paint, make sure you park your vehicle under the shade or keep it covered. Y. The headlamps on high beam reflect back the light into your vehicle due to the presence of water droplets in the air. Moreover, you can also use polymer wax on the car exterior to create a coating and avoid fading.

The coolant prevents the engine from freezing.While road trips are a great way to unwind, winters, especially the cold air, can be detrimental to cars, as they can ruin their battery lives, tyres and other parts. In order to avoid this situation, start the ignition and keep your car on for a few minutes before moving. The fluid inside a battery gets thick, preventing the current not to flow smoothly. Fog lamps, on the other hand, act as a safety feature in a car as it illuminates the road during poor or low visibility. The lower level of the coolant and leaks may result in draining out of the substance.4 Lighting System: Experts recommend using fog lamps and not to use headlamps on high beam.

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This shows the kind of change coming over in the sector


The 14th edition of the biennial event, which will see some 12 start-ups participate in the Auto Expo this time, is expected to ‘increase the adrenaline flow’, according to SIAM president Abhay Firodia. You participate in the Auto Expo when you have something exciting to showcase.“This shows the kind of change coming over in the sector and innovation becoming a norm,” said Mr Firodia. However, the Auto Expo will see reduced participation as some car companies complained about high participation fee. “It is bundle of things (for not participating).Mr Firodia said he doesn’t think cost is the major consideration for not participation.Meanwhile, for the first time Twitter is collaborating with SIAM for the Auto Expo 2018. Space cost will be around 15 per cent of the total cost for the participant.

New Delhi: With 24 new launches, India’s biggest auto show, Auto Expo, is all set to amaze its audience for a week from February 7. To prepare and present that is a significant cost,” he said.Speaking on the events, he said, “There are many events happening for the first time, including Motorsports, auto gaming arena, future decoded (virtual reality zone) and autonomous vehicle display which will show what the future would be like.The components show will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi from February 8-11. As part of the collaboration, Twitter will be hosting a special BlueRoom pop-up show onsite, live stream highlights from the Auto Expo, and make available a custom Auto Expo emoji for automotive fans to share what’s happening.For the first time in Asia, Twitter is launching an emoji for an automotive show with the Auto Expo 2018 that would be available till February 28.

Mr Firodia further said that during the expo, visitors will get a chance to see what an autonomous vehicle powered by artificial intelligence is and how it will benefit the consumer and increase safety.He said that companies that don’t participate usually do so as the cycle of their product launch doesn’t match with the timing of the Auto Expo.Mr Firodia said that auto companies which participate in Auto Expo don’t look at the cost as a waste but rather as an investment in branding and building relationships.”The expo, co-organised by SIAM, automotive interior and exterior molds Manufacturers CII and Auto Component Manufacturers Association of India (ACMA), will be held at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida

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A team of researchers has some of the first evidence


One of the many functions of the kidneys is balancing important compounds like acid, potassium and sodium.Mesothelial cells line body cavities, like the one that contains our digestive tract, and they also cover the bumper molds exterior of our organs to quite literally keep them from rubbing together.The findings from the study are published in the Journal of Immunology. With kidney disease, there is impaired kidney function and one of the resulting problems can be that the blood becomes too acidic, OConnor said. They have little fingers, called microvilli, that sense the environment, and warn the organs they cover that there is an invader and an immune response is needed.

Seems like, another use has been found for the all-rounder baking soda.In the spleen, as well as the blood and kidneys, they found after drinking water with baking soda for two weeks, the population of immune cells called macrophages, shifted from primarily those that promote inflammation, called M1, to those that reduce it, called M2..Baking soda also interacts with acidic ingredients like buttermilk and cocoa in cakes and other baked goods to help the batter expand and, along with heat from the oven, to rise."Its most likely a hamburger not a bacterial infection," is basically the message, said Paul OConnor, the studys corresponding author. Significant consequences can include increased risk of cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis.

A team of researchers has some of the first evidence of how the cheap, over-the-counter antacid can encourage our spleen to promote instead an anti-inflammatory environment that could be therapeutic in the face of inflammatory disease.About a decade ago, it was found that these cells also provide another level of protection.According to a research conducted by the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, a daily dose of baking soda may help reduce the destructive inflammation of autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.They have shown that when rats or healthy people drink a solution of baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, it becomes a trigger for the stomach to make more acid to digest the next meal and for little-studied mesothelial cells sitting on the spleen to tell the fist-sized organ that theres no need to mount a protective immune response. It can also help raise the pH in pools, is found in antacids and can help clean your teeth and tub

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The availability of the re-engineered XC60


The XC90 will be the first plug-in hybrid to be assembled in India. The XC60 and V60 Polestar Engineered models will go on sale in the US by June with an expected and reasonable hike in price over the standard T8 variant. Similar units of the S60 were shown by Volvo, but they were limited to just 20 units. We have always been big suckers of almost everything Volvo’s famed Polestar skunkworks has pushed out, and the new XC60 and V60 Polestar Engineered sounds as exciting, even with the change in heart. A 10-spoke wheel, black chrome exhaust tips, high-gloss black grille, wheel arch extensions, and Polestar badges can be seen on the outside; while on the inside, gold seatbelts and a charcoal color scheme are visible.

Source: ZigWheels.0-litre diesel engine which is available in automotive interior and exterior molds Manufacturers two states of tune: 190PS/400Nm and 238PS/480Nm.0-litre petrol motor that churns out 400PS of power and 636Nm of torque.Volvo’s electric division Polestar has fiddled around with the XC60 and V60 and the result is a plug-in hybrid variant of both that makes more power than the standard setup offered by Volvo.Both the cars are based on the standard T8 versions, which uses the same plug-in hybrid motor along with a 2. To put things more into perspective, the Indian version of the XC60 is powered solely by a 2. With Volvo confirming both these cars are not limited-production models like before, there is also a strong chance of them being available in India in the near future as Volvo has also announced huge EV plans for India.

The availability of the re-engineered XC60 and V60 will not be so extreme and they will be sold in considerably higher numbers. The Polestar Engineered variants will also be faster to the ton compared to the standard T8 variant, which does it in less than 5 seconds. In comparison with the standard T8 variants of both these cars, power has gone up by 15PS while the torque is also up by 33Nm for the Polestar Engineered variant. All these changes should result in a sharper handling. These cars are not just limited to powertrain changes, something which is overtly visible from the Öhlins-sourced suspension setup and front strut bar; brakes have also been upgraded to a six-piston brake caliper setup for more stopping power. What about you? Sound off in the comments below.Subtle exterior changes differentiate the Polestar Engineered cars from the standard variants. The V60, though, is all set to be launched in India by August 2019                                                                                                       

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